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Security Roles are set-up to allow users to submit, review, or approve tasks or view (run reports) information only in Workday. Security roles are assigned to allow Employees to functionally support Organizations to which the role is assigned. Our Access and Security Role service provides instructional guidance for campus users on how to create a request in Workday to be assigned security roles.

DigitalMeasures, CoursEval, Promotion and Tenure

Student Affairs Internal

Support for public websites, including Modern Campus, WordPress, Student Portfolios and Jadu.

Services used to scan, store, organize and share documents

Service Desk, Change Management, Service Level Agreement management, Service Management, Equipment Checkout, Printing Services.

Submit a recommendation to change a business process in Workday or create a new business process not currently in Workday. This includes modifications to current workflows, updates to existing functionalities, or any alterations to optimize your processes.

Offerings relating to institutional policy or compliance guidelines and requirements. Includes support for audit processes.

Bomgar/Beyond Trust, Computer hardware repair and maintenance, Computer imaging management, Desktop Virtualization, Desktop/Laptop Support, Mobile Device Support.

Request Software, Request Access

Financial Affairs & Human Resources

Recruitment & Student Outreach

The University of Arkansas is connected to the internet through a 20Gb and 100Gb fiber optic connection provided by ARE-ON. This connection is distributed across campus, providing a fast and reliable experience.

Instructional Design & Support Services