Cell Phones

The use of university-provided cellular services and equipment requires annual approval, ending June 30 of each fiscal year. Most university employees are not eligible for university-provided cellular service. See the Cellular Communications policy (306.1) for more information.

Step 1: Approval

Before getting started with cellphone service at the university, you must be approved through the Cellular Communication Request.

Step 2: Choose a Plan

Step 3: Select a Cellphone

Pricing Information

Before ordering your device, you can log into the AT&T Premier website to view devices and prices. This site is for viewing only. No orders can be processed using this site. Go to AT&T Premier and log in with the following:

  • Username: univarkfay
  • Password: systems3
    • If approved for a device with a new cellphone number, select 'Shop new service' to view devices.
    • If approved for cellular service with an existing cellphone number, select 'Upgrade a device' to view devices.

Step 4: Order Plan and Device

If your cellphone request is approved, complete the Order Equipment form.

All users have a 2-year contract and will not be eligible for 100% discount prices for upgrade until 15 months after the last purchase of a device. Upgrade purchase before the 15th month will have a lower discount pricing for the device.

All international cellular service requests will be scheduled and acted on as requested. It is important to understand that accidental use of international Data or Voice or Text is still chargeable at the rate that is prescribed.  Without an international plan the cost could be substantial.  Also, with an international plan the costs are significantly higher than normal domestic prices so the user must be aware of their usage.

International Cellular Service Request

Step 5: Set up MDM

It is required that you set up Mobile Device Management (MDM) on your university cellphone. MDM is a service that ensures the security of university data stored and accessed on university-owned devices like laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Set up Mobile Device Management (MDM) on a University Cellphone (required)  

Request Cell Phone


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