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Faculty Information Systems includes services works towards the administration and maintenance of faculty administration, review, and promotion and tenure systems. At the University of Arkansas these include:  CoursEval, FIS (formerly Digital Measures), and Promotion and Tenure. See additional Service Information below or request service offering on the right panel of this page. 

Course Evaluation (CoursEval) 

Common Solutions to CoursEval issues: Frequently Asked Questions 


  • Faculty Correction / Faculty Inquiry
  • Former Faculty Evaluation Records 
  • Departmental Report Request (Department Heads and Chairs)
  • Department Admin Change

Faculty Information System (FIS) 

The Faculty Information System (FIS) is a web-based solution that allows faculty to view, enter and track their teaching, research and service activities. This central repository streamlines the personnel review process for annual faculty activity reports.

Common Service Requests

  • Request Access to FIS
  • Report a problem
  • Request FIS Training: Faculty and staff can book individual training sessions, short presentations for staff meetings, or full trainings for departments on an as-needed basis. Sign up for FIS training.

Faculty Support: For assistance with the Faculty Information System, contact your department or college administrator.

Promotion and Tenure  

Promotion and Tenure (P&T) is a process to evaluate faculty merit based on academic productivity compared with professional peers and potential for significant contribution in their respective fields. Promotion is advancement based on merit to a higher rank or title. The granting of tenure indicates the faculty member had successful completion of a probationary period and is a permanent member of the university community.


FIS Requests CoursEval

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This article contains the most common issues raised by faculty and students regarding CoursEval.
The Faculty Information System (FIS) organizes and builds reports on teaching, research and service activities. Once faculty update their FIS screens, many outputs can be prepared, such as annual activity reports, accreditation reports, faculty CVs, department web profiles, and more.


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Service Offerings (2)

FIS (formerly Digital Measures)
FIS allows faculty to track their teaching, research and service activities for personnel review process for annual faculty activity reports.
Courseval serves as a platform for student feedback and evaluation for teaching and learning experiences. CoursEval service currently utilizes Anthology's Course Evaluations tool. Policies, schedules and important information can be found on the Office of the Provost website.