Professional and IT Services

Professional and IT Services includes the ITS Service Desk, Data Center, Technology Consulting, Service Management, Service Level Agreement Management, Change Management, and Operational Metrics.

Categories (3)

IT Delivery and Support

Service Desk, Change Management, Service Level Agreement management, Service Management, Equipment Checkout, Printing Services.

Data Center

IT Services maintains data center facilities for hosting important campus IT resources.
These facilities house regulated floor space, power, network and cooling. The deployment and maintenance of these resources is the responsibility of the data center facilities manager.

Training and Outreach

Developing, delivering, or coordinating training for staff in applications and systems related to their functional role at the university.

Articles (6)

Copyright Infringement

It is a violation of the Code of Computing Practices for any user to commit copyright infringement using university resources. Copyright infringement can also result in civil and criminal penalties with fines ranging from $750 to $30,000 per work infringed.

GEAR 217 Monitor Connect Checklist

Find out how to connect to the TV in GEAR 217!


Glossaries, dictionaries, and acronyms

Understanding Issue Resolution Time Guidelines

The Issue Resolution Time Guidelines provide a breakdown of the levels of issue severity and the procedures to accompany each level.

Policies and Guidelines

Policies and guidelines that are a part of an overall strategy to provide a secure and stable IT environment to support users, research, and university business.