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Teams logoMicrosoft Teams is a collaboration tool as well as the default app for meetings and making and receiving phone calls. Teams is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Log in with your UARK email address ( and password.

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Compare the conferencing features and uses of Teams with other UARK conferencing tools.

Meetings and Calls in Microsoft Teams

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You can use a compatible headset with your laptop, desktop computer, and/or phone or other mobile device when attending meetings and to make and receive phone calls (instead of using a desk phone) using Microsoft Teams.
Campus Phone Policies
Check voicemail from a desk phone or Teams, and set up a personalized greeting.
Scammers use various methods to trick people into picking up their calls and acquiring their valuable personal information. Call spoofing is when a scammer disguises themselves as a trusted or local number to gain access to sensitive information.
New employees should request a phone number. A departmental phone account is designated with a departmental phone number and can be managed by one or more employees. This service is useful for front office reception, student/hourly/temp employees, and graduate assistants.
Students, faculty, and staff can use SharePoint Online to manage projects, build collaboration portals, post and manage lists, files, and documents, share calendars, and access online forums and shared resources.

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