Create a Student Clicker Account

Before you can use your clicker in your classes you will need to register your clicker to an account.

Physical Clicker

If you’re using a physical clicker, purchase your clicker from the University Bookstore. Inside the box is a small card that has your subscription code in red text.


PointSolutions Mobile App

If you’re using the PointSolutions Mobile app, the software that allows you to use a smartphone, tablet, or browser in place of your clicker, then you will need to purchase the subscription from the PointSolutions account page.

Create a Student Clicker Account

  1. Open your browser and go to Blackboard at and log in.
  2. Click on Tools on the left.
    Click on Tools
  3. Click on PointSolutions Registration.
    Click on PointSolutions Registration
  4. Log in with your University ID and password.
  5. Click on the drop-down menu for Role and choose Participant.
    Choose Participant in the Role dropdown
  6. Click on the drop-down menu for Country and choose your country.
    Choose your country in the dropdown menu
  7. Click on the check box next to I agree to Turning End User License Agreement.
    Click to agree to the terms.
  8. Click Continue.
    Click Continue
  9. Click on Let’s Get Started.
    Click Let's Get Started
  10. Enter your Subscription Code from your clicker package.  If your clicker did not come with a subscription code then you can purchase one here.
    Add your subscription code or purchase a subscription here.
  11. Click Next.
    Click Next
  12. Enter the Clicker ID from the back of your device in the Clicker Code field or chose “Only use mobile device” if you are using the PointSolutions mobile app instead of a clicker. (Some older clicker models may call the Clicker ID a Device ID instead.)
    Enter your clicker code.  
    Device ID example
  13. Click Next.
    Click Next
  14. Click Next again on the Learning Management Systems Screen.
    Click Next
  15. Watch the videos for instructions on using your clicker or PointSolutions mobile app if you wish and then Click Finish.

You’re done!

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